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Texas Custom Commercial Floors was founded by Mark Ponder and Ronny Grubbs in July of 2003. Their experience in the commercial flooring industry has prospered for nearly three decades. TCCF has managed to bring back the traditional meaning of "quality service". Many companies focus on their bottom dollar to measure their success, but TCCF relies on superior service to ensure long-term achievement. We assure a beautiful floor every day, big or small.  Why use Texas Custom for your commercial flooring needs? Every justification applies to these three basic concepts:  


Integrity: Expect honesty and dependability from Texas Custom. We are committed to serving the commercial flooring industry with the dedication required to surpass everyday challenges and expectations.  


Quality: On time and always installed with detail in mind.    


Service:  To ensure a smooth running, successful project from inception to completion. We are also available on a national scale, which separates us from the competition.


TCCF gives back by helping out a couple of families in need and a supporting two great causes, Mission Arlington and the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth. 

Ronny Grubbs
Mark Ponder


Ronny Grubbs is the Owner/President of Texas Custom Commercial Floors.  Ronny started his flooring career at a very young age at his grandparents successful flooring covering business which was also located in Texas.  While there Ronny excelled in all types of floor finishes and installations.  He then expanded his expertise and knowledge when he proceeded to take on news roles such as Project Manager, Estimator, Operations & Logistics Manager on numerous flooring projects within the U.S. Overall he has over 40 plus years’ experience in the flooring community  With Ronny’s solid reputation, professionalism and excellent workmanship and most of all his commitment to his family and work family is what makes him so successful in the industry and in life.    

Nancy Robertson
CO-Owner Vice President

Nancy Robertson is the Co-Owner/Vice President of Texas Custom Commercial Floors.  Nancy brings 35 plus years of experience to Texas Custom Commercial Floors, not only in commercial flooring but also in residential. With her outgoing personality, experience, strive and contagious smile, she does everything possible to make our customers, customers for life!

Kyle Martin
Chief Estimator 

Kyle Martin is our Chief Estimator at Texas Custom Commercial Floors. Kyle having worked in the flooring industry for 19 years; Kyle understands the delicate details involved in acquiring an accurate take-off.  Kyle uses digital software with every set of plans to ensure the utmost accuracy on every project.

Larry Tweddle
Sales/Project Manager

Larry Tweddle is our Sales/Project Manager at Texas Custom Commercial Floors.  Larry brings with him over 41 years of experience in commercial flooring.  Larry has worn many hats in the flooring industry such as sales, operations, estimating and project management experience. Larry continues to achieve a high level of expertise in the flooring industry and excelling in customer relationships.  In his spare time, he likes to volunteer for his community.  One of Larry’s greatest achievements has been able to serve for his Country.

Linda New
Executive Assistant

Linda New is our Executive Assistant at Texas Custom Commercial Floors.  Linda brings 17 plus years of experience to Texas Custom Commercial Flooring, not only in commercial flooring but also in residential.  Linda works closely with each member of the Texas Commercial Flooring team to achieve the accurate production of our operations. With Linda’s high level of communication and understanding of each department she brings a wealth knowledge of the processes in which every project is carried out efficiently from beginning to end.

Mark Ponder worked within the commercial flooring industry for nearly 40 years. He is a Milliken-Certified installer in patterned broadloom and modular tiles, and is a Masland-Preferred installer.  He also performs technical support for Brintons US AX, Innovative Carpets, Milliken, and Masland Contract.

Mark Farver
Vice President of Sales

Mark Farver is our Vice President of Sales at Texas Custom Commercial Floors.  Mark has over 32 plus years, experience in commercial flooring business and has over 24 years as an estimator/project manager.  Mark not only brings his professionalism and knowledge to our customer’s project needs, but he also has the expertise and understanding for schools, military, hotels, apartments, office and corporate complex projects. With Mark’s compassion and determination, he is sure to bring an outstanding project to your flooring needs.

Katie Martin

Katie Martin is an Estimator at Texas Custom Commercial Floors. Katie has worked in the flooring industry for 22 years.  Some of Katie’s most prestigious projects include Bass Hall, TCU and Fort Worth Zoo-TX. Wild. She and Kyle work as the perfect team using their digital software to make the most accurate calculations for every project.

Debbie Sanders
Project Manager

Debbie Sanders is a Project Manager at Texas Custom Commercial Floors. Debbie has over 20 plus years, experience in the ceramic tile and natural stone wholesale industry. She is experienced in various areas of wholesale branch operations ranging from customer service to branch operations manager. She works with the estimating and installation departments to provide project proposals for customers, as well as provide assistance throughout the installation process. Debbie’s primary focus is hotels and country clubs.

Benito Lozano
Operation Manager

Benito Lozano  is our Operations Manager for Texas Custom Commerical Floors.  Benito brings with him over 26 years of experience in the flooring industry.  He oversees the day to day procedures and operations of the jobsites along with monitoring the progress of all projects. Bention is also performs field measures as needed.

Kim Ellis
Administrative Assistant

Kim Ellis  is our Administrative Assistant at Texas Custom Commercial Floors.  While Kim is new to the flooring industry, she has over 30 years in the construction industry building customer relationships. With her accomplishment in helping the construction professionals with bidding projects, increasing workflow and reducing cost to win more business she can assist in our day to day operations.